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About Will

My musical journey

Born and raised in Los Angeles into a musical family, Will Champlin holds his own from playing piano on Michael Jackson's last record to touring and/or writing/producing for acts like Poison Glenn Frey, Billy Ray Cyrus, Heather Headley, Reik, and One Direction . His songwriting work on Heather Headley’s 2010 album “Audience Of One” earned him 2 Grammy wins. He's also recently collaborated with YouTube artists such as Kurt Hugo Schneider and others. 


In July of 2014 Will released his record known as 'Borrowing Trouble' which features the single 'Heat of Passion' that was used for HBO's 2014 fall preview. Will is also the lead vocalist/frontman of the Southern swag anthem rock project @Valley of Wolves 

Stepping into his untapped poetic Hip-hop resources channeling fresh inspiration from storyteller type artists of the likes of 'Struggle Jennings', Tom Macdonald and more,  Will has found some charting success with various songs from Dear Kyle (w Marine Rapper), Uprising (w Topher) Give it To God, and more. Enjoy his latest record 'Toy Soldiers'. 

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